Leroy AKA “Spunky”


Living on the Margins Project - Former Welterweight Boxer РGeorge Street, Toronto


  1. ian gregory says:

    i am a friend to leroy and know where he is from day to day,,how do i get film footage of him boxing ,,he is very proud of his boxing career,as he should be. thanx

    • andrewdelroy says: (Author)

      Hi Ian,

      I’m not sure where you can find footage of Leroy boxing. I managed to find his boxing stats here. I haven’t run into him in a few months so if you see him please tell him that I said hello.


  2. Jason Blackson says:

    I saw Mr. Pink fight as a youngster. He fought out of the same gym as my uncle Robbie, Robbie Roe. I believe it was Newsboys at the time. I am an avid boxing fan and I just happened to Google his name and I am quite shocked and sorry to find out about the situation Leroy is in.

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